Visit in Poland: full of inspirations and business international contacts

GreenTech 2.0 ClusterXchange visit participants expanded their business network in Poland, during the trip on 17-19 October 2023.

10/26/20231 min read

Last week the cluster exchange visit programme in Poland was finalised. The visit organised by ARR KONIN and PPNT had a rich programme of presentations, meetings, site visits and interactive workshops. The visitors: green tech companies from Estonia and Sweden looked for fundamental knowledge on the Polish market and collaboration opportunities.

The visit lasted three days. On the first day, three companies leading in the green transformation of East Wielkopolska ZE PAK S.A (producer of clean green energy), MZGOK (company collecting and processing municipal waste) and PWiK Konin (municipal water supply and sewage company) opened their premised to the visitors and presented their green transition improvements made in the recent years as well as plans for the future. The visitors had a unique opportunity to see the installations of these companies what was really inspiring for them.

The second day was dedicated to POLECO international fairs. MTP Group (the fair organiser), presented their facilities, the green transition activities and introducing the visitors to the fair. The visitors met many of exhibitors and potential collaboration partners.

On the third day, PPNT organised interactive workshops inviting collaborating actors: municipality, Poznan University of Technology and green SMEs to discuss potential ideas for joint projects. In the afternoon some practical aspects of doing business in Poland were presented. Then the Visitors participated in an interactive workshop on the environmental requirements for the green industry in Poland and the related opportunities for green tech solutions. Potential strategies and contacts for entering the Polish market were discussed for each visitor.

The rich visit agenda was highly inspiring for all the participants. We believe that the business relations started at the visit will develop in the future for the benefit of all.

The exchange was organised as part of the GreenTech 2.0 project financed by the EU COSME 2020 program.