Regardless of the stage of development (start-up or mature company) Greentech companies need to be in the forefront of development of solutions for green transition. The indispensable element of this process is funding, both for R&D developments and investments in the novelty implementation. The Funding and Capital services are helping companies and other ecosystem stakeholders, such as investors and corporates, to define the need for funding, identify the best funding sources, assistance in preparation for the funding acquisition and, when relevant, matchmaking with funding partners: investors and/or corporates, and finally support in the deal negotiation. The service outcome is funding gained by the service client.

The services of this group are the answer to the strong demand. Members of all participating clusters show most interest in funding as the most frequent and important need they have. They claim that the most important for them is the final result, which is the funds raised.

In the portfolio there is a general advice on the need assessment and identification of most suitable source of funding whether a grant from public programmes or investors. Three science parks: Tehnopol (EE), PPNT (PL) and Tech-Park Kaunas (LT) offer different programmes of investment readiness helping to acquire capital investment for innovative solutions, especially green oriented. The programmes are dedicated mostly to founders active or planning operations in respective countries of Lithuania, Poland and Estonia. The green-tech companies can rely on the thematic experts, mentors and investors from these countries by the cross-border syndication of the access to experts and investors behind each investment readiness programme presented below. This way the very specific technology of the company can be matched with relevant expertise and partnership. Cluster members from Sweden and Finland that look for investors their solutions can benefit from the syndicated expertise and investor networks of Polish-Estonian-Lithuanian collaboration by contacting the GreenTech partners in their countries.