ClusterXChange Programme

The project aims to act as an enabler and multiplier of collaborations by initiating 100 matched short-term exchanges via ClusterXchange Programme. It empowers Green Tech Clusters to support SMEs in exploiting growth opportunities, service innovation, resource-efficient solutions, market traction, finding investments, and internationalization.

GreenTech 2.0 Partnership invites SMEs, clusters, research centres and other scale-up organisations to explore the business and innovation potential in Sweden, Finland, Poland, Lithuania and Estonia.

Visits will take place between December 2022 and March 2023.

The First Call for Clusterxchange Registrations

HOST Organisations:

Register your interest by applying here.

GreenTech 2.0 will contact you for further information and will walk you through the Xchange process.

Strategic interregional, sectoral, and cross-sectoral collaboration between ecosystems across Europe will be facilitated through the ClusterXchange Programme.

More about Pragramme.

During two years this project will have joint activities between clusters (C2C) will be implemented through peer-to-peer learning, to increase and improve cluster management skills.
More information is coming soon!