The last group of the services in the catalogue is a distinct category that addresses long term needs of relationship building is not tangible but crucial element of the company functioning and growth. The relationship capital is considered the second important asset, along with the team, in building successful company. Also cluster coordinators are aware that the efficiency of the support in funds acquisition is conditional to the relationships with the stakeholders (public agencies, investors and corporates) as well as knowledge and experience in different funding sources.

The services in this group are addressed to:

  • Individual SMEs by Facilitation of external collaboration (beyond cluster) matchmaking and 18 Innovation Leaders Club below).

  • to clusters as a collaborative groups of SMEs, researchers, corporates, public institutions and investors, for whom the partnership services help in better member engagement and in consequence better learning and business opportunities creation,

  • to other stakeholders who need partnership and citizen engagement in order to undertake large infrastructure projects.

The networking has also a further service background function as Greentech2.0 partners have developed their networks of relationships with the relevant stakeholders, therefore are able to provide other services mentioned earlier support in matchmaking, especially the acquisition of investors and experts. Therefore the cross-border linkages between the participating clusters help these services to be based on an extended, international pool of experts, investors, and internationalisation partners.

Facilitation of external collaboration & matchmaking

Networking of stakeholders for corporate-SME matchmaking

Sustainability in theory and practice of clusters

Community engagement