All companies, even greentech, need to innovate all areas of their activity, not only new product development in order to contribute to global sustainability challenges, including mitigation of climate change impact and reaching climate neutrality. This is a part of company’s responsibility obligation but also a reaction to the market demand.

The services in this group help all SMEs to define their sustainability needs, strategy and plan as well as help to develop concrete innovations through an intensive open innovation creative sprint and well planned research and development project.

Greentech companies have dual role for these services. On one hand they are a customer, who should use the support service in order to plan their overall sustainability strategy related not only with their product but also other aspects, such us use of land, resources etc. On the other hand they can become suppliers of green solutions for the challenges identified by partners in other companies.

The services in this group are unique on the project partnership scale, as they are based on each partners expertise and experience. Therefore the partners recommend their cluster members to contact the specific service provider, however they are available for further support in the implementation of the strategy or innovation developed within the service. Cluster members as unique green solution providers will benefit from the cross-border collaboration of the partners in the matchmaking between the solution demand identified within the service towards its client and the solution offer pool made by all the Greentech project partners’ cluster members.

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Research and Development of Collaborative Technology Solutions

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