The foundations of company’s growth rely on the internal capacity of the company: people, skills, processes, strategies and organisation culture. Therefore a company on any stage, from start-up to maturity need to develop their capacities.

Within the portfolio the partners offer is team development process. It is most often used by start-ups as a team, before the technology, is the core asset, that investors look at. A company in the growth process, often realises that there are “growing pains”, of which keeping the team spirit among larger group of employees might be the most burning. Another pain is related to the updating of the company identity, which needs to reflect current challenges and the positioning against the 17 UN development goals may be most fruitful solution. Within this group there is also digitalisation support, which helps companies to improve their process to be efficient in its operations. Many green-tech companies start already as digital and may need some support in scaling-up the processes. Some may need start digitalisation in their growing and maturity stage. GreenTech may offer solutions for outside of cluster companies, who do greening and digitalisation and the same time.

The services are based on each partner’s unique expertise and experience therefore the partners recommend their cluster members to contact the specific service provider. However one needs to take into account that the organisation's cultural issues have important language and national culture aspects that are not translatable easily if the company has not taken an international team and culture approach.