Tehnopol – Host of the first peer-review

10/19/20221 min read

At the end of October Tehnopol will host the first, on-site peer-review.

The peer review will start with a self-assessment performed by Tehnopol which will be distributed to the peer review team before visiting them and they will also provide relevant documentation to describe its situation. During the visit, Tehnopol will present challenges for the organisation from a management viewpoint. And the participants will give feedback to the host organisation

The aim of this activity is to find out strengths, as well as weaknesses, to learn from, and use as a basis for improvement at the end when all the Peer Reviews in all the workgroups are done and the results compiled, the output will increase and improve the strategic cluster management skills, foster cluster excellence capacity-building and cross-cluster learning. As a result, new combined services with the potential to be applied across the participating clusters' ecosystems.