Explore green transition, environmental solutions to develop companies’ ESG and bioenergy in Poland

THE SECOND CALL FOR CLUSTERXCHANGE IS OPEN! Let’s meet in Poland, 17-19 October 2023 Together with three Host organizations: ARR Konin, MTP Group and Biomass Media Group, we invite you to take part in the ClusterXChange program focused on three green specific topics.

9/21/20231 min read

Poznań Science and Technology Park invites startups, green tech companies, and cluster coordinators to discover:

🟢 The green transition of East Wielkopolska: context & business opportunities in the region phasing out from coal-based energy production.

🟢 Environmental solutions to develop companies’ ESG, including blue&green solutions in urban areas.

🟢 Bioenergy in Poland.

What do we offer:

🟢 Participation in a three-day program in Poland:

🟢 Visits to institutions supporting companies in green solution matchmaking and implementation, as in the topics above, in Poland;

🟢 Participation in the international POLECO fair;

🟢 Co-creation workshop on project ideas for the specific green topics;

🟢 Information about entering the Polish market: focus on environment protection requirements.

🟢 Co-financing the costs of the visit in the form of a lump sum of EUR 305.

🟢 Support in completing the formalities and help on-site.

Detailed Agendas of the three Hosts:



🟢 Biomass Media Group

Who can participate:

GreenTech 2.0 Partnership invites SMEs, clusters, research centers, and other scale-up organizations from COSME programme area (EU and associated countries) interested in green transformation.

The call for visiting Poland is open until 28 September 2023. Participants' seats are limited - apply now: https://biturl.top/mUjEZv

Success stories

Meet the founders

Hear their stories. They already participated in ClusteXchange visits and find this experience valuable for their businesses.

More information about the program: https://www.greentech-project.eu/clusterxchange-programme. Documents related to the program and rules: ClusterXchange IT Tool User Manual

Poznań Science and Technology Park participates in the GreenTech 2.0 project financed by COSME programme, which aims to strengthen cooperation within the ecosystems of cluster organizations and support SMEs in taking advantage of development opportunities in the area of so-called green technologies. International cooperation between organizations affiliated with the cluster ecosystem will be facilitated thanks to the ClusterXChange program, which will be implemented as part of the project activities. The ClusterXChange program plans 100 international exchanges between ecosystem participants.

PPNT is implementing the project in an international consortium with the following partners:

• Science and Technology Park in Dalarna (Sweden)

• Tallinn Science and Technology Park (Estonia)

• Kaunas Science and Technology Park (Lithuania)

• GreenNet cluster from Finland