Baltic Blitz: Discover the Innovation Playground in Lithuania

Be ready to embark on an electrifying journey through the heart of the Baltic startup scene. Last year, our country's start-ups raised 250 million euros!

10/12/20231 min read

Welcome to Lithuania, where innovation thrives and opportunities abound!

🟢 Join GreenTech 2.0 ClusterXchange visits Lithuania on 22-24 NOV in VILNIUS by Tech-Park Kaunas and 29-30 NOV - 1 DEC

Why, you ask? Well, here‘s the scoop:

🟢 TechNest: find a vibrant community of entrepreneurs with fresh ideas and the drive to make them happen

🟢 Tech Meets Trust: 1:1 meetings with potential business partners, clients, and regional stakeholders

🟢 Building the Future: Lithuania's startup scene is a dynamic blend of tradition and innovation. It's a place where centuries-old history meets cutting-edge technology

🟢 Top-Notch Talent: Lithuania boasts a highly skilled workforce. It's the perfect place to find talent and business partners

🌍 A Global Outlook: develop new cross-border partnerships in the Baltics

🟢 Financial support for travel to Lithuania

Apply now! EXPLORE the AGENDA:

22-24 NOV at VILNIUS by Tech-Park Kaunas // OPEN

29-30 NOV - 1 DEC at Kaunas by Tech-Park Kaunas // OPEN

29-30 NOV - 1 DEC at Kaunas by Digital Rocket LT // OPEN